Welcome to Posie on the Lamb!

Who? The intrepid three: Sam, Erin, and Posie.

What? A bit of vagabonding, a bit of storytelling. We'd like to give you a vicarious taste of the ups, downs, and general confusion of living abroad. And since we spend a lot of time writing and teaching English, we'll tell you about that, too.

Where? Our current adventure is unfolding on Jeju Island, South Korea. But you'll find stories from Mongolia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam...


When? We kicked all this silliness off in 2012. Been going ever since.

Why? There's an awful lot of world out there we haven't seen. It's time to get on that.

So what's all this business with a sheep? Are you guys crazy?


Got questions? Drop us a line at posieonthelamb@gmail.com.