This last Monday night, it started to rain. It was a steady downpour that continued on through Tuesday and into Wednesday. It's sunny now, but that's only temporary. It's going to rain again soon, and it's not likely to stop until some time in July. This is the Korean monsoon. Sigh.

From July until mid August, Korea gets wet. Really wet. As in, we're expected to get 15 inches of rain this month wet (To give you a rough comparison, Wisconsin gets about 3 - 4 inches a month, during its wetter months). This is called the Jangma, or the East Asian monsoon season. High winds, drenching, continuous rain, and a lot of clouds; it's going to be a dismal July.

And this in a country where raincoats aren't really a thing. Oh, people wear them, but it's more of a fashion choice than a practical decision. If an adult is going out in the rain, they carry an umbrella, even if the high winds are about to turn them into an impromtu Mary Poppins. Children are usually the only ones who use raincoats. Young children.

Needless to say, Erin and I look a little silly to the average Korean when we're out in our waterproofs.

Still, I think we'll end up preferring the rain to what comes after. July and August in Korea are notorious for being hot and humid. How hot? 90 - 95 degrees, paired with a humidity that's nearing 100%. It is air so thick you could swim in it. And frankly, once the sweating starts, you look like you have been.

Anyway, here's an awesome video from the folks over at Eat Your Kimchi about the monsoon. Enjoy!