Larva Madness

Have you ever turned on the TV and found something so profoundly bizarre that your brain stumbles to a halt? Your jaw hinges open, your eyes glaze over, fixed on the screen, and you spend a few minutes wondering if you are finally beginning that long walk into madness. Then your lovely wife walks in, looks over your shoulder and sighs. "Oh, Larva. My students love that show." Then she shakes her head ruefully and goes to sit somewhere that she doesn't have to see the screen.

Turns out, Larva is a wildly popular Korean show, such that all her students both a) know it intimately, and b) beg to be allowed to watch it with such relentless enthusiasm, Erin teacher goes crazy. Now, kids' programs are always a bit off, but Larva is... wow. Each show is roughly six minutes long, consisting of two unrelated vignettes. The writing is stream of consciousness at it's most feverish, with utter insanity thrown in for garnish. Oh, and there are fart jokes. Lots and lots and lots of fart jokes.

Let's see... there's an episode where the two larvae and a dung beetle get trapped in the freezer. The frosty tomb ensures their death, until the dung beetle eats his last bit of poo, turning him into a techno dancin' fool... which inspires the larvae to techno dance with him to keep warm. And I did not actually make any of that up.

Or perhaps you like something a bit more blatantly horrifying, like the episode where the little larvae and their friends have a fart jar... except one of them gets trapped inside the jar (OH NO!) but no one else realizes.

There's the episode where the larvae and their friends fight over a hotdog, while the Blue Danube Waltz from 2001 plays over it all.

And of course, as with ANY wildly popular thing, it must be used for PSA's. Here's larvae doing etiquette on the stairs, larva showing everybody how to ride the escalator, how to avoid ticking off the rhino beetles on the subway, and how to drive responsibly.

And of course, there's the Larva Spider Man spoof, and the Larva Avengers spoof, both of which are startlingly awesome, in a madness and farts sort of way.

So of course, in the store the other day, we were passing the toy section when Erin grabbed my arm and pointed. "Look! Larva!"

"Oh, dear," I managed. "Oh, and they're squeaky toys, too! Oh... goody."

"They're hideous! I must have them!" Erin replied immediately.

She did have a logical reason. They would work as wonderful props in class, and her kids would go literally insane at the chance to play with them. (Like, sneak-in-and-play-with-them-when-no-one-was-around-and-then-set-up-a-shrine-in-their-honor-in-the-middle-of-the-desk, insane - Korean kids do not mess around). So we got them, brought them home, and introduced them to Posie. This went as well as could be expected.

Ah! a sheep
Ah! a sheep

And I really shouldn't have given them coffee. That was a bad idea.


Yes, this is what I do when I'm bored during the day. Yes, I am possibly crazy.



PS: This is our 100th post, by the way, so YAY!!!