Your Korean Driving Exam

Your Korean Driving Exam




-This is a multiple choice exam. 

-There is only one correct answer for each question.

-In the illustration accompanying every question, you are in the white car.

-Record your answers and consult the key at the end to determine your score.


The delivery truck ahead of you is driving very slowly, well below the speed limit. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1

Figure 1

What is your best course of action?

a) Use your turn signal to announce your intention to merge into the left lane. Wait for a safe gap in traffic, then change lanes and pass the slower vehicle.

b) Drive very close behind (ideally less than a meter). Flash your high-beams and use your vehicle’s car horn to inform the delivery driver of their error. Continue until they exit the road or accelerate to a more appropriate speed.

c) Merge to the left immediately without signaling, because it’s not necessary to announce your intentions to other drivers. They can clearly see the delivery driver going slowly.

d) Use the sidewalk on your right to pass the delivery truck. 

e) Any answer other than “a.”


All black cars in figure 2 are parked.

Figure 2

Figure 2

All other vehicles and pedestrians on the narrow neighborhood street are in motion. You are approaching an uncontrolled intersection. What is the best course of action?

a) Accelerate. It is safest to get through the intersection as quickly as possible. Pedestrians and other vehicles will appreciate your efficiency.

b) Drive the same speed without stop or pause. It is safest to go through the intersection at a constant, steady rate so other drivers and pedestrians can more easily react and move out of your way.

c) Stop prior to entering the intersection and visually check all directions. Look for other drivers. Look for pedestrians. Yield to other traffic as necessary. Only enter the intersection when you have verified that it is safe to do so.

d) Stop and visually check all directions. Look for other drivers. Look for pedestrians. Then enter the intersection any time you want. Other drivers and pedestrians should have seen you by now. 

e) Any answer other than c.


You are driving to pick up your child from school, but the parking lot is full. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3

Figure 3

What is the best course of action?

a) Stop and park in the street in front of the school. Other cars don’t need to use this road at this time of day.

b) Stop in whatever space is available in the parking lot. Any cars that are blocked in know that parents need to pick up children at this time of day. 

c) Stop and park on the sidewalk. Children can walk in the street. 

d) Slowly and cautiously circle the neighborhood until a space in the parking lot opens up, or until you are able to pick up your child safely and without blocking other pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

e) Any answer other than d.


Among other measures, the Republic of Korea uses red lines on a road surface to mark areas where drivers should use caution. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4

Figure 4

You are in a school zone. The marked speed limit has been reduced to 30km/hr. The car ahead of you has slowed to match that speed limit. What is the best course of action?

a) Use your horn to inform the slowing car that you are comfortable moving at a much faster speed. They should clear the road to accommodate a driver with more confidence. But remain in your lane and avoid passing because of oncoming traffic. And possibly children.

b) Slow to the marked speed limit. Maintain safe stopping distance between you and the car ahead of you. Stay alert for children that may unexpectedly attempt to cross the street. Use extra caution at the crosswalk.

c) Pass the slowing car. Accelerate as quickly as possible to merge back into your lane and avoid oncoming traffic. This is safe because children have been told not to play in the road.

d) Slow to the marked speed limit, but reduce the distance between your car and the car ahead of you to less than a meter. Maintain that distance all the way through the school zone. It is safest for cars to pass through these areas in dense packs.

e) Any answer other than b. 


You are stopped at a busy intersection, waiting for the light to turn green. (See Figure 5)

Figure 5

Figure 5

You need to turn left. What is the best course of action?

a) Slowly pull forward and to the left, until you are blocking the crosswalk and the left lane. This may require you to pull far enough forward to interfere with crossing traffic. But this is an acceptable risk if you are able to make your turn.

b) When light changes to green, turn left from your current lane. The grey car beside you has the option of going straight or turning left… but they are probably turning left. If they instead go straight, accelerate until you can get around them. 

c) Turn on your left turn signal. When the light changes to green, do not move. Stay in your lane and wait until traffic clears allowing you to turn left. Any cars behind you can either wait, or use the sidewalk to go around you.

d) Go straight, and accept you will miss your turn. Double back to the road you need when it is safe and legal. 

e) Any answer but d.


In Figure 5, in the lane on your left is a delivery scooter (in red). In this scenario, what can you expect this scooter to do?

a) Follow all traffic laws and drive like any other vehicle.

b) Pull out a cell phone and start texting. Continue texting after the light turns green. Continue texting while abruptly remembering the need to turn the opposite direction. Turn anyway. Never, ever look up from the phone.

c) Run the red light after merging into oncoming traffic.

d) Something literally defying rational description.

e) Any answer but a.


You are approaching a roundabout. (See Figure 6)

Figure 6

Figure 6

What is the best course of action?

a) Yield to traffic already in the roundabout. Follow lines painted on the ground intended to direct flow. Exit the roundabout safely, by signaling and checking blindspots for other traffic. 

b) Go straight into and through the roundabout, confident in the knowledge that all other drivers will get out of your way.

c) Ignore the roundabout and go whichever way you need to go. If you need to turn left, do so directly, against the flow of traffic, rather than waste time going around the circle.

d) Fuck it. Thunderdome.

e) Any answer but a.


The correct answer for all questions is “e.”

With the bonus question, there are 7 possible points. 

If you scored 7/7, you are ready for Korean driving conditions. Any other score indicates you have maintained some semblance of sanity. Retake the test.


PS: Every scenario on this test is something we personally see on a regular basis. Occasionally, we will encounter all the things listed in this test in the course of a single drive. 

Nothing here has been exaggerated for comedic effect.

Yes, this is somewhat stressful.

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