Who Are These People?




Welcome to Posie on the Lamb,
a  blog about travel, writing, and teaching English in other countries.



The intrepid three: Sam, Erin, and Posie.


A bit of vagabonding, a bit of storytelling. We’d like to give you a vicarious taste of the ups, downs, and general confusion of living abroad. And since we spend a lot of time writing and teaching English, we’ll tell you about that, too.


Our current adventure involves a one-way ticket to Mongolia! But you’ll find stories from South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam…



We kicked all this silliness off in 2012. Been going ever since.


There’s an awful lot of world out there we haven’t seen. It’s time to get on that.


So what’s all this business with a sheep? Are you guys crazy?





Got questions? Drop us a line at posieonthelamb@gmail.com.




10 thoughts on “Who Are These People?”

  • You know: I’ve told several people about your blog/sent them the link. They all want to know about Posie. Don’t seem particularly interested in these Sam and Erin creatures….

    We are, as always, so proud of you on your venture.
    Love you,

  • Your posts are so well-written, so entertaining, and I think, really reflect life in Korea, which your readers only experience through you. I’m glad your Mom told me about your blog and glad to get to know both of you better! Love, Edna

  • I have told Father Matt about both of you he said he has a neice who was also working in S Korea and now is in China how ironic is that.

  • Hi Erin,
    It has been many, many years. Looks like quite an adventure you’re on. I was remembering a few days ago our visit to Wisconsin and you told me about going to the Star Trek con and meeting John de Lancie and us watching the bloopers tape. Remember Humpty Data? Anywhoo. I’ll drop you an email with an update on life. Nice to “see” you.

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