Why Cambodia? Firstly to fulfil Sam’s lifelong dream of seeing Angkor Wat. Secondly, because we knew almost nothing else about the country and wanted to check it out!

Where is Cambodia? Conveniently sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam.

What’s it like visiting Cambodia? Well, it’s pretty hot – in the 90s when we visited in November, with high humidity. Cambodia’s a mix of jungle and dust. We saw lots of monkeys, which was pretty exciting.

Cambodia’s surprisingly user-friendly for travelers. Many locals speak English or French, and near Siem Reap we also heard Korean and German. US dollars are accepted (and often preferred) across the country, as well as the Cambodian Riel.

We spent around $10 a night for hotels. Our food expenses were fairly high, though, since we weren’t always comfortable with the street food. However, if you stay away from the restaurants and stands immediately around Angkor Wat, you can eat well for a reasonable price.

Cambodia is a poor country. It’s been through a lot in recent decades. While the cost of traveling there is delightfully low, in Cambodia we strongly felt the disparity between the locals’ standard of living and our own. Also, the countryside is still covered in landmines from the Khmer Rouge era, so don’t go wandering off.

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And as always, thanks for reading.

-Sam and Erin